Are you a Windows Driver developer and looking for a challenge? We have the assignment for you in Copenhagen.

Purpose and Background

Routinely upgrading firmware on headsets around the globe. Currently this is done through an agents software residing on the client pc.

We do, however, wish to implement firmware updates through Windows Update.

Scope of the work

We need to set up the systems capable of delivering the firmware, through Windows Update.

Note that knowledge about drivers under secure boot is needed, as several customers are running in environments without the possibility to unlock.

Needed Qualifications

  • Is knowledgeable about general firmware update patterns.
  • Knows how to do kernel mode driver signing for Windows using Azure and Microsoft Hardware Dev Center before

Nice to have Qualifications

  • Knowledge about build systems like Jenkins (as we are essentially building an extra firmware delivery system, it would make sense to have code reuse between the two handle by the build)

How the work will proceed.

You will function as the signing-and-windows-update expertise, working with the two internal Architects and the Indian development team.

As we do already have a functioning cloud connected firmware updater (written in C++), a part of the task is porting and wrapping the firmware update code correctly so it will support windows update. Some of the work is creating the infrastructure for getting the updates setup.

Expected outcome.

  • An system set up to deliver our firmwares through Windows update, both under secure boot with bitlocker enabled – and plain windows 10.
  • The system must be able to deliver drivers for several different devices.
  • Knowledge transfer to the team on how to do this for future firmwares.